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5 Most Interesting Purple Crystals Found in Market - 07 Mar 2019 17:39


Purple color sits between blue and red on the color chart. Being a mix of those two colors, it represents a mix of aggressiveness and softness. This color is associated with nobility and royalty since ancient times. During those days only incredibly wealthy persons could afford those gems due to their rarity.

Even today purple gemstones tend to be quite rare and hard to find in nature. Because of that reason, alone many gems found in stores are enhanced. Of course, there are many natural gems out there so you need to pay close attention to what you buy. In the following few lines, I will list and describe often found stones in jewelry stores after finding them on this website.


Diamonds are expensive and most popular gemstones in the world. Colored ones are often even more expensive, rare and sought after. Most of the people can't and never will be able to afford natural pink diamonds. Thankfully as an alternative, we may buy synthetic stones that are much more affordable. High-quality natural diamonds are often bought by collectors since they are considered as exclusive jewelry.


If you are looking for a substitute for purple diamonds that are actually natural, purple sapphires are one of the best. Although uncommon in nature and very exclusive, their price is much lower compared to diamonds. With high hardness and durability, those stones are amazing for all jewelry that is worn on a daily basis. Many people confuse this majestic stone with amethyst so make sure that you are getting a gem that you really want.


When talking about purple gems, amethyst is one of the most popular that comes in this color. This crystal is often confused with sapphires purely because of their beauty and brilliance. It is abundant in nature and fairly durable with a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. Purple amethyst is an amazing stone for making all types of jewelry, everything from rings, earrings, to pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. Maintain it properly and it will last your lifetime for sure.


This gemstone is not that popular in jewelry business but nonetheless, it is really gorgeous with phenomenal luster. When you look at purple tourmaline crystal under the light, as you move it you can see the most amazing vibrancy of its color. Gems that are found in stores often go through heat treating process that improves gemstone color so make sure to check if this is done with your stone.


This very rare gemstone was first discovered in Japan. It was soon categorized as a rare gemstone since only small deposits have been found in other regions. It is a really special gem that comes with interesting patterns, darker color veins, and patches that create a majestic dance of colors making every crystal totally unique. Their color range from light purple-pink to dark and rich purple-blue. Sugilite is not really hard gemstone so it should be properly maintained in order to last.

There are few more purple gemstones that are found in jewelry stores but their number is not that high. Of course, there is always a higher chance that you will find treated gems than natural ones mainly because of their rarity. Purple gems go really incredibly with all metals, especially with white metals like silver, white gold, and platinum. - Comments: 0

5 Mesmerizing Pink Crystals Used in Jewelry - 03 Mar 2019 09:51


For thousands of years, mankind is mesmerized by beauty, mystery, and energy hidden behind crystals. People always believed in their healing properties, believing that crystals can offer them protection, bring luck and love of their life. Pink crystals were always associated with love, passion, seduction, and comfort.

Although jewelers don't sort gemstones by color but type it is a bit harder to know exactly if a particular crystal is available in specific color. I will try to address this problem by providing all information regarding pink stones. Most often pink stones found in jewelry stores are rose quartz, pink zircon, pink sapphire, pearl, topaz, coral, moonstone, garnet, morganite, spinel, opal, and tourmaline. In the next few lines, I will provide more information about some of them but you can read more on the resource page that I have found.

Pink Zircon

Zircon is one of the shinest crystals found in jewelry stores that is used as a diamond substitute for a long time. Unfortunately, this stone is often confused with cubic zirconia that is just a cheap substitute. Although blue stones are most often found in nature, ping crystals are probably most beautiful and sought-after for their brilliance. This gem is often used by jewelers for creating amazing pieces of jewelry because of their affordability and luster. On a Mohs scale of hardness, pink zircon ranks at 6 to 7.5 so some attention must be paid in order for this gemstone to last. It can be scratched and broken.

Pink Garnet

Pink garnet is not that common in nature, it is rare crystal from a garnet family known as rhodolite. This crystal is found in most beautiful shades of pink color with no visible impurities. In fact, this gem is never treated so you may find only pure natural crystals in jewelry stores. Pink garnet is pretty resistant stone with a rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale making it great for creating different types of jewelry. Even if you don't put a lot of care this gem should last for a long time.

Pink Tourmaline

This is a very interesting crystal that comes in a huge variety of colors. Pink specimens are one of the most popular for their interesting range of pink shades. Being affordable, it is often used for creating stunning pieces of jewelry. Their price mainly depends on color intensity. For this reason, tourmaline color is often enhanced by heat treating so be aware of this fact. It is a really durable gem with a Mohs rating of 7 up to 7.5 so it should last a lifetime but it can be scratched.

Pink Topaz

Although topaz is not really rare gemstone, pink gems are not that common in nature. Being rare with beautiful pink color, pink topaz crystals have a higher price margin. As expected, most of the pink stones found in jewelry stores are being heat treated. Low-quality, brown or pale crystals are enhanced and turned into much more desirable colored stones. Since this crystal has a score of 8 on the Mohs scale, it is more than able to withstand abuse and daily wear.

Pink Sapphire

When you hear for sapphires you instantly think of blue color gem. Of course, they are known for their main color but sapphires come in other as well. Pink sapphires are one of the most popular and sought-after being the most popular substitute for pink diamonds. Nowadays, they are often bought as engagement rings. This is an incredible stone, with vivid color and great brilliance. On the Mohs scale, it has a score of 9 which means that little to no maintenance is needed in order for sapphire to last a long time. It is second only to diamonds.

You may find many more crystals that come in pink color but mentioned stones are most popular and often purchased. Before making your final decision you should inform yourself. No matter which one you choose you will be happy with your gemstone. Nobility, kings, queens, and princesses love to wear them for a reason. Since they are much more affordable today than ever you should buy one for sure. - Comments: 0

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